"My friend and I came in one evening requesting an hour massage and it was wonderful!! My left hip in general has always been tight and real annoying and that's all I had to say! She kneaded around and found the trouble spot and popped a cup on it and it was amazing how some of the more troubling spots were darker purple!! Sometimes I truly believed that she had five hands!! One was going this way and the other was going in the opposite way and then there was another felt kinda like a vibration and then there was another! It was truly amazing!

I noticed she did Planters Fasciitis and told my mom... And she hasn't had trouble ever since!! And she's had multiple steroid injections in that same foot Lisa worked out and fixed in one hour!"

-Kelly H.

"You know how you’ve felt so bad for so long that you can’t remember how it felt to feel good? That’s what Lisa can do. She listens to you and works to awaken the parts for you that dull and hurting. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it!"

-Rhonda B.

"I'm a massage therapist and I have been doing massages for about 7 years now. Lisa is my absolute favorite therapist to trade with. Her reiki is healing in a way you wouldn't believe. She offers cupping therapy and other modalities that are very healing to the mind and body. Don't miss out on her massages!"

-Jennifer M.



"Lisa did for me what no one else has been able to do- help me manage my lower back pain to the point that it's often completely pain free. She offers a comfortable and relaxing environment, which is so important. Take it from someone in healthcare, a massage is a must for healthy living and Lisa does a superior job!"

-Stephanie C.

"Lisa ROCKS! Lisa does an outstanding job and has the ability to offer many different elements (cupping, Sarga, hot stones, etc) in with her massage therapy. I often have tension headaches and nothing else works, but a visit with Lisa. Schedule a session with Lisa, you won't regret it!"

-Beth C.

"After years of chiropractic care and a diagnosis of degenerative disks and leg length discrepancy, I was in constant pain every day in my hips and lower back with sciatic nerve pain shooting down both legs. At 34 I had accepted that chronic pain was just going to be apart of my life. I had known Lisa for awhile as a friend, but thought massage was for relaxation and pampering only and was also a little hesitant at the undressing factor as well. My first visit to Lisa came as a last resort option after no longer receiving any relief from Chrio care. My pain has virtually DISAPPEARED after a few visits and I’m always so appreciative of how normal Lisa makes me feel being undressed under the sheet..it’s really not that big of a deal and not as awkward as I thought it might be!! Now my first thought when pain returns is to call Lisa and any time I hear of anyone with any sort of chronic pain issue, I have to refer them to try massage just once with Lisa!"

-Emily C.

"Lisa is amazing! I came to her last Saturday with pain in my left hip following a running injury. She did cupping and a full body massage. Lisa showed me exercises to do on my own after the massage. This week I was able to run 3 miles without pain. I went again today and she was wonderful. Lisa uses techniques I have never experienced before with other massage therapists. She is the best! I have already booked my next massage."

-Leigh Ann G.

"I was nervous because it was the first time I'd ever gotten a massage, but Lisa did an incredible and professional job in making it a great experience! I walked out feeling better than I've felt in 7 or 8 years! I will definitely be back to get another full body massage soon!" 

-Clay T.

"Lisa is truly a wonderful person who cares about your well being. Her massages are very detailed and personalized to the individual. She has helped my lower back issues tremendously. I recommend her highly."

-Beth B.

"Having scoliosis I'm very prone to pulled and pinched muscles in my back. Lisa has been my go to to fix these issues for the past few years. Very clean and extremely knowledgeable."

-Chris L.